Healthy Siamese twins share teacher dream in Thailand

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Thirteen-year-old Siamese twins in central Thailand are defying convention, living a healthy, happy life, and dreaming of becoming teachers.

Conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon. Approximately half are stillborn while a third die within 24 hours of a mother giving birth. But the Siamese sisters from Nakhon Sawan province in central Thailand have bucked the poor health trend generally associated with being conjoined and are going from strength-to-strength.

Jaroonphan “Pin” Rompoyen and Jaroonroj “Parn” Rompoyen were born on January 8 in 2009. They are connected at the breastbone but don’t have any health problems.

The girls have their own arms and hands but one pair of shared legs. Pin can control the right leg while Parn can control the left one.

They can stand, walk, cycle, study, take part in regular daily activities, and cook. They have separate stomachs, and they love sweets.

The twins’ grandmother, Noknoi Pongchamnan, revealed the pair joined training and therapy to improve their muscle development at a hospital in Bangkok. She revealed they sometimes have to use an assistive device to counterbalance the weight of the top half of their bodies but other than that everything is fine.

Pin and Parn are Grade 6 pupils at a primary school in Nakhon Sawan named Santitham. They always get good grades and love going to school and seeing their friends. They added that their dream is to be teachers because they are inspired by the educators in their school.

A video of the twins, posted by a TikTok user @kob_2519, went viral on Thai social media. The video showed the twins enjoying ice cream and food together. See the video.

Many people commented on the post and praised the twins for their positive attitude.

Since the video went viral, Pin and Parn, signed up for their own TikTok account and posted a video to thank all netizens who cheered them up. Watch their videos here.

The most famous and first documented case of conjoined twins in the world came from Thailand. Eng, and Chang Bunker were conjoined twin brothers born in Thailand on May 11, 1811.

They became famous after travelling to the US to appear in freak shows and made the word “Siamese twins” well-known as one of the conjoined twins’ synonyms. Siam was the name of Thailand until 1939, hence Siamese.

Eng, and Chang passed away in 1874 at the age of 63. Eng was said to die from a heart attack, and Chang died only two hours after his brother.

SOURCE: Amarin TV | Thairath

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