Grandson makes wax model of deceased grandma “to make grandpa happy”

A young Thai man from Uthai Thani province in northern Thailand made a life-size wax model of his deceased grandma to ensure that his grandpa doesn’t get lonely. Grandpa liked the idea so much that he requested his grandson to make a wax version of himself too, before he dies, so that he can see himself and his wife sitting together.

At first, 20 year old Teerapan made the realistic wax model of his grandma “to make grandpa happy.” Whenever grandpa misses his deceased wife, Klom Khammool, he can relieve some of his pain and loneliness by looking at wax grandma, said Teerapan. Teerapan said his 85 year old grandpa Tee Khammool is getting old, so he wanted to do something to make him happy while he still has the chance.

Grandpa loves wax grandma, so he asked his grandson to make a wax version of himself too. However, grandpa didn’t want his grandson to wait until he dies to sculpt the model, because grandpa wants to see the wax versions of himself and his late wife sitting together at the couple’s house in Mueang district.

“At first, I didn’t want to make the wax model of grandpa. I didn’t dare sculpt my grandpa, in case it was a bad omen. But I reconsidered it when my grandpa requested that I sculpt the model before he dies, so he has the chance to see it. So, I agreed to do it, to make grandpa smile. I wanted to do something to make my grandpa happy before I lose the chance.”

Teerapan also made a wax model of his grandmother’s mother, Grandma Hom, who sits with the other two wax models, “so that the family would remember her.”

If there is a special occasion, Teerapan will change the wax models’ clothes. Teerapan also makes the models wear face masks, to keep up with the times.




Leah is a translator and news writer for the Thaiger. Leah studied East Asian Religions and Thai Studies at the University of Leeds and Chiang Mai University. Leah covers crime, politics, environment, human rights, entertainment, travel and culture in Thailand and southeast Asia.