Grab taxi driver accused of stealing 50,000 baht cash bouquet

A Grab taxi driver has been accused of stealing a valuable cash flower bouquet by a woman who hired him to deliver the gift to her boyfriend. The bouquet was reportedly worth 50,000 baht, a significant sum of money.

The driver, whose identity has not been disclosed, vehemently denies the allegations and insists that he delivered the bouquet to its intended recipient.

The woman who ordered the bouquet, Sunittra Boonyaem took to Facebook yesterday to report that a Grab taxi driver disappeared with her 50,000 baht cash bouquet. She said she already filed a complaint, and officers asked her to wait. But the incident has made her very anxious and wanted to share the story with netizens to help her.

Sunittra revealed that she ordered a cash bouquet online from a flower shop at a Flower Market or Pak Khlong Talat Market in Bangkok on Monday, February 20 to surprise her boyfriend on his graduation day.

The shop use GrabExpress to deliver the bouquet and informed her that a Grab taxi driver, named Narongsak Khinthong, driving a green-yellow taxi with a registration number 1มข1754, would deliver it to her and her boyfriend at a university in the Rungsit area in the Pathum Thani province near Bangkok.

Sunittra waited for the Grab driver to contact her but he never did. So, she made a call to the driver and asked for her bouquet. The driver insisted that he had delivered it and hung up, saying he was busy and driving.

In an interview with News WorkPoint today, Sunittra revealed that the bouquet was actually worth 53,550 baht, with 50,000 baht being cash and 3,550 being for decoration and delivery fees.

The owner of the flower shop, named Tae, informed the media that he always used Grab’s delivery service for his customers and never encountered any problems before.

After the incident, Tae contacted the driver several times but the driver refused to talk to him. He insisted that he had completed the delivery. Tae said he was willing to pay the customer if the police ordered him to do so.

Officers from Bang Sao Thong Police Station reported that they have questioned the Grab taxi driver. The driver maintains that he delivered the bouquet to two people who were waiting for him at the destination.

The accusation has raised questions about the safety and reliability of ride-hailing services. While such services have become increasingly popular in recent years, concerns about security and accountability remain a persistent issue.

Police continue to investigate the case.

Grab taxi driver accused of stealing 50,000 baht cash bouquet | News by Thaiger

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