Govt criticised after Miss Universe Singapore sets to combat human trafficking in Thailand

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Thai netizens criticised the Thai government after the newly crowned Miss Universe Singapore expressed her commitment to combatting human trafficking in Thailand.

Priyanka Annuncia, who was crowned 2023 Miss Universe Singapore during the final competition at the Amber Lounge at Millenia Walk last Saturday, September 16, announced her promise to combat human trafficking in Thailand after the prestigious ceremony.

With her educational background in Business Law and Criminology, the 26 year old entrepreneur and personal trainer announced on social media that she has a strong desire to fight human trafficking, especially in Thailand. She shared her passion for the topic on her Instagram account, @bodybypri, in August.

“After graduating with a double major in law and criminology, I have now ventured to make a difference in the legal justice system, specifically in the field of human trafficking – Alliance Anti Traffic (AAT) Thailand.

“Thailand has been a hotspot for human trafficking crimes, and to this day it still occurs on a large scale. With my background in private investigation, I have been honing my skills for three years and now lead investigations, rescue operations and reintegration programmes for victims.”

The Singaporean beauty also spoke about her ambition to solve human trafficking in Thailand in an interview with Gold Coast Magazine (gcmag). When asked, “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” Priyanka said…

“I would love to live in Thailand for a while. It is such a culturally rich country. The people are absolutely lovely and it is where I do my most meaningful work – anti-trafficking investigations and rescues. So, settling there would mean that I would be able to devote 100% of my energy and time to my work.”

The news of Priyanka’s commitment to combat human trafficking in Thailand was shared on the Thai Facebook page All Things About Beauty Pageant (ฉันชอบดูนางงาม), today, September 19.

Thai netizens offered mixed reactions to Priyanka’s statement. Most of the netizens saw Priyanka’s statement as an insult to the Land of Smiles but they had to admit that it is true that human trafficking is a big problem in Thailand.

Some netizens criticised the work of the Thai government, which has not made much development in combating human trafficking, leaving the Singaporean beauty queen to step forward to take the baton. The netizens commented…

“Very good! I hope this will make the relevant authorities feel something.”

“It’s good. It is time to expose what every government keeps hiding.”

“Where is the new PM? Look at this!”

“Thai government, anything to say?”

Police said… no sex workers in Pattaya! No human trafficking in Thailand!”

However, a contrasting view emerged among other netizens, who believed that mentioning a specific country in this context might negatively impact international relations. On the other hand, some said only she could say it, adding that it would be difficult to put into action.

Many Thai beauty pageant fans felt that Priyanka has a great chance to win the Miss Universe final, which will be held in El Salvador on November 18, due to her confidence and passion.

Miss Universe Thailand winner Anntonia Porsild will be Thailand’s representative in the Miss Universe final.

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