Glass Mirror Foundation transforms plastic waste into home building resources

Photo: KhaoSod

The Glass Mirror Foundation is now accepting donations of all types of plastic waste and milk cartons, to recycle and repurpose them into gypsum boards for home construction and flooring. The initiative, announced today emphasises that milk cartons, once used, can be utilised further, outlining the journey of a milk carton.

The image posted by the Glass Mirror Foundation shows a milk carton, previously filled with milk, that travelled from the Foremost company to the foundation. The milk was distributed to nourish children from impoverished families.

Once the milk was consumed, the foundation encouraged the children to separate and clean the cartons, ready for their return journey to the foundation’s recycling station.

At this station, elderly volunteers awaited to sort the used plastic waste, providing an income source for the elderly and creating employment opportunities.

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Once sorted, the milk cartons were set to be recycled into gypsum board for home construction and flooring. This marked the final journey of the milk carton, transforming into construction materials for the homes of those in need.

Glass Mirror Foundation transforms plastic waste into home building resources | News by Thaiger
Gypsum sheets that are used for recycling plastic waste. Photo by KhaoSod.

The foundation urges households with milk cartons, fruit juice boxes, beverage boxes, and all types of plastic waste to send them to the Glass Mirror Foundation. This ensures waste resources are utilised to their maximum potential, contributing significantly to society, reported KhaoSod.

In the UK, scientists have pioneered a groundbreaking development: the creation of the world’s first food produced from plastic waste, specifically vanilla ice cream. This innovation serves as a means to draw attention to pressing global environmental concerns and to raise awareness regarding the potential implications of food production in a world grappling with mounting plastic waste. Read more HERE.

As a part of the EU-ASEAN Green Diplomacy Weeks 2023, a local organization in Bangkok, Precious Plastic Bangkok, conducted a Plastic Waste Recycling Workshop for elementary students.

The workshop involved more than 40 students from the Mercy Centre, providing them with insights into plastic waste concerns and their connection to climate change. Read more HERE.

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