Gas cylinder explosion wreaks havoc, damages 8 houses, a car and injures teenage boy

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A gas cylinder explosion damaged eight houses and a car in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok while a 15 year old boy living in the incident house suffered serious burn wounds all over his body.

The incident occurred yesterday in a three-storey townhouse owned by a 39 year old man named Weeraphat Chuensomsong. He was not home during the explosion. Unfortunately, his 15 year old son was at home alone at the time and suffered serious burns all over his body, especially to his legs.

The three-storey townhouse where the explosion occurred was severely damaged. All glass windows and furniture were smashed and broken. The kitchen, where the gas cylinder was located, was completely destroyed.

Of the nine houses attached to Weeraphat’s house, seven were affected. Some roofs caved in and glass windows were shattered. One car was damaged because a house roof fell on it.

Weeraphat spoke to Channel 7 about the incident revealing that the explosion occurred at about 5.45pm yesterday when he was not home. He knew about the incident because a neighbour contacted him that his son was injured at the scene.

Weeraphat disclosed that his son managed to escape from the house but he had burns all over his body.

One of Weeraphat’s neighbours, 54 year old Wharn, stated that she initially thought that her house had been hit by lightning. The whole house was shaking and all the glass windows were broken. She later learned that it was a gas cylinder explosion because she heard the boy screaming for help and went to check.

The Mayor of the Bang Sithong District, Wanchai Wanchawate, believes a leak in the gas cylinder caused the explosion.

According to the report, Weeraphat’s house had fire insurance coverage. However, the other seven affected houses had to file a complaint with the police to gain compensation from the relevant departments.

Officers from Bang Kruai Police Station are now investigating the scene and estimating the damage.

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