Fuelling the flames: Viral video of Thai driver at Malaysian petrol pump ignites subsidy debate

Photo via Twitter/ @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

A video capturing a Thai woman refuelling her sedan at a petrol station in Malaysia went viral, triggering a controversial debate between netizens on the Malay government’s subsidised gasoline 95.

The Twitter account, Malaysia Most Viral, posted a video showcasing a petrol station attendant assisting a Thai woman to fill her sedan at the Petronas petrol station in the Selangor state of Malaysia, a border state linked with southern Thailand.

In the caption, the Twitter user accused the Thai woman of stealing the subsidised gasoline provided by the Malaysian government to support its citizens. The account also criticized the petrol station attendants for allowing the woman to fill up and even helping her in the process.

The vehicle featured in the video is a white Honda Accord sedan with a Thai registration plate from the southern province of Surat Thani. Beneath the Thai plate, there was another registration, presumably a temporary plate issued by Malaysia.

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In response, netizens expressed their opinions in the comments section.

“Is it hard to identify foreign cars? Both car owner and petrol station owner should face charges.”

“I want to hit the petrol station attendant on the head for assisting her.”

“I worked as an attendant 12 years ago, and a car from Singapore came to fill up with gasoline 95. I received tips of 5 ringgit as well. I never knew that foreigners were prohibited from filling up with gasoline 95.”

“Stealing means not paying for it. Foreigners only want to fill up to drive in our country. They do not come to steal your fuel!”

Many Malaysian netizens reported the matter to the official departments by tagging relevant accounts, such as the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living, the Economy Ministry, and also the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Kapook reported that vehicles with foreign registration plates are allowed to refuel at Malaysian petrol stations but only gasoline 97 is permitted. Gasoline 95 is prohibited as its price is supported by the government. Compared to Thailand, gasoline 95 is much cheaper in Malaysia at only 15 baht per litre. The price in Thailand is now 42.64 baht.

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