Finding the best roasted coffee in Thailand with Coffee Culture


Due to all of the changes happening in our daily routines, as coffee lovers, it has become vital to make sure that we have a coffee maker at both our home and our office. Plus, a few packs of delicious fresh roasted coffee to enjoy. Thailand’s demand for shopping for roasted coffee beans and ground coffee online has never been higher.

Coffee Culture was born out of love for coffee and its country. An online marketplace for freshly roasted coffee, aimed to connect Thai coffee roasters with coffee drinkers all over Thailand. The platform was built to help local Thai coffee roasters sell their products to both foreigners and Thais around Thailand. Essentially, Coffee Culture bridges the gap between coffee lovers in and around Thailand and local Thai coffee roasters and farmers. Making it easy to find and buy Thailand’s best coffee beans online.

Through Coffee Culture’s unique online marketplace, these local coffee roasters and farmers are able to not only survive financially but also get their products discovered.

How it all started

Coffee Culture is the brainchild of Susan Borvornpotsakul, a half Thai and half Finnish female entrepreneur living in Phuket, Thailand. Unsatisfied with the coffee varieties available in most supermarkets, she went on an online quest to order coffee from the northern regions of Thailand. As she is fluent in Thai, it was easy for Susan to discover outstanding local coffee roasters and farmers. It was that discovery that pushed Coffee Culture into existence, as Susan wanted to share her findings with her family and friends who also enjoy a robust cup of coffee.

From the lockdown, Coffee Culture turned into a full fledged online marketplace and with clever marketing and the offering of great coffee, the business gained momentum. It was evident through daily enquiries that there were many people living in Thailand and abroad who appreciate Thai coffee.

Coffee Culture offers coffee subscriptions for both home and office consumption. Our coffee subscription program allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of having fresh coffee delivered straight to their door! With the Coffee Subscription, it is possible to choose your taste preference and decide how often you’d like coffee delivered. Additionally, you can choose the length of the subscription and choose your own coffee beans.

In addition to selling fresh coffee beans roasted in Thailand, our online marketplace also has a coffee equipment and accessories shop. We sell all kinds of coffee makers, cold drip stations and accessories needed for your home coffee brewing station.

Finding the best roasted coffee in Thailand with Coffee Culture | News by Thaiger

Main Market Audience

Coffee Culture focuses on coffee that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home or office. Through connecting with various local farmers and roasters in Thailand, Coffee Culture is able to offer a large variety of fresh coffee and roasted beans in Thailand. We understand that not all coffee drinkers like the same type of coffee, so whether your taste is more for strong, bitter or smooth coffee, we take our time to guide our customers to find the right roast coffee bean or ground. There is no one taste that fits allin this case. We pride ourselves on making suggestions to our customers with regards to various different coffee blends and beans as well as recommending the right coffee for their taste.

About Our Coffee Roasters

While we hold a large variety of our house coffee in order to maintain outstanding and fast customer service. Day by day we source for more local coffee roasters and farmers around Thailand. Coffee Culture’s selection process is stringent, because we want to offer quality coffee alongside outstanding delivery time to our customers. We add new roasters to our online marketplace every month in order to keep a robust selection available for purchase. For those interested in sampling our coffee, we highly recommend our delicious House Espresso Coffee Blend. It’s a classic espresso recipe that features a perfect balance between Thai Arabica coffee with Thai Robusta coffee beans. The House Espresso Coffee Blend showcases just how wonderful Thai coffee can really be.

Finding the best roasted coffee in Thailand with Coffee Culture | News by Thaiger

Innovation & Technology

We are constantly trying to bring new endeavours to our clients. We’ve recently started a Coffee Cash Back program which is a points system that gives our customers a chance to redeem cashback. Plus, we’ve also incorporated payments with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

With the changes of the digital world, we are constantly innovating on new product lines, coffee services and integrating new technology. We strive to continuously update our online marketplace so that Thailand’s best coffee is available to consumers. Additionally, we keep in close contact with our clients through newsletters that highlight new products, services and available coffee machines and accessories. Coffee Culture intends to be the go-to online marketplace for coffee lovers, both in Thailand and around the world.

Finding the best roasted coffee in Thailand with Coffee Culture | News by ThaigerWhat is coming next?

Coffee Culture is still a young company, but we are definitely looking to expand in the future. To be honest, we started with zero capital when we decided to take this project off of the ground. Currently, we are talking with various investors who can help us accelerate our expansion in the future.

We firmly believe that a key way to grow our business and continue to help local coffee farmers and roasters is by being able to export the amazing coffee that Thailand produces to the world. Recently, we’ve sent samples to Hong Kong, Australia, Russia and the Caribbeans. While we are taking baby steps at the moment, we are confident that it is just a matter of time until we can grow globally. It is a big aspiration for all of us at Coffee Culture, especially due to the fact that we started our company in the midst of a massive economic struggle.

Please visit Coffee Culture’s website for more information and to see their products, or chat with their team for coffee recommendations, HERE.

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