Fake police officer causes uproar in Songkhla snooker hall

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A man claiming to be a police officer caused a scene after parking his car in the middle of the road in Songkhla Province, boasting about his rank and causing a disturbance in a snooker hall. The incident led to a formal complaint against him.

The incident occurred yesterday when a Facebook user posted about a troubling encounter in the southern province of Songkhla. The user described how a man, allegedly a member of the Marine Police, parked his car in the middle of the road and proceeded to enter a snooker hall. There, he forcibly took a cue stick from a young girl who was practising.

The Facebook user expressed frustration over the incident, stating that such actions harm their business and the community. They commented that the police officer, real or not, should be helping citizens in distress rather than causing trouble.

“This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Whether he is a real police officer or not, acting like this is intolerable. If he is a genuine officer, I will take this matter to the highest level. If he is not, I will file a complaint for causing a disturbance and distress to others.

“When applying to become a police officer, they should be taught to assist citizens in danger from criminals. But this man is doing the exact opposite. What kind of thinking leads to this behaviour?”

The post owner revealed plans to report the man’s conduct, emphasising the danger posed by a drunk driver, reported KhaoSod.

“What if he had hit someone and killed them? Society constantly campaigns against drunk driving because of its dangers. Parking in the middle of the road is also a serious traffic violation, and usually, traffic police are very strict about such matters.

“But this man was drunk and acting recklessly. The public should not have to fear police officers behaving like this.”

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