Japanese intern shares air conditioner tips to save thousands

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A Japanese man residing in Taiwan shared an enlightening experience from his internship at an air conditioner manufacturing plant.

Drawing from the wisdom of air conditioner manufacturers with over 26 years of experience, Takashi Matsuno disclosed tips for operating air conditioners efficiently, which could be unknown to many.

The expert advice began with a simple yet crucial point: avoid frequently turning the air conditioner on and off. The initial power surge required to start the compressor is the phase that consumes the most electricity. Hence, to reduce power usage, it is recommended to maintain a constant operation rather than switching the device on and off repeatedly.

Another significant suggestion is the use of air conditioners with inverter technology, which can lead to substantial savings on electricity bills. Inverter air conditioners can automatically adjust the temperature. If one consistently sets the air conditioner to 26 degrees Celsius, there is no need for frequent manual adjustments.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the air conditioner automatically reduces its activity to maintain the temperature steadily, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

The manufacturer further explained that by using one of the best inverter air conditioner models set at 26 degrees Celsius and running it continuously for 24 hours over two months, the electricity cost would be approximately 5,000 baht for the period. This figure starkly contrasts the energy consumption of older, less efficient air conditioner models, which are mostly rated energy level 5 and are far less economical in their power usage.

In Taiwan, where electricity is billed bi-monthly, running a non-inverter air conditioner continuously could lead to electricity bills exceeding more than 25,000 baht for the same two-month period. Therefore, for future air conditioner purchases, apart from choosing an inverter model, it’s advisable to look out for environmental conservation labels and energy-saving certifications to maximize cost and energy efficiency.

These insights serve as a valuable guide for consumers aiming to optimise their air conditioning usage. The tips not only promise to keep living spaces comfortably cool but also offer a pathway to energy conservation and financial savings, aligning with the broader goals of environmental sustainability and responsible energy consumption.

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