Erroneous English signboard at Trang airport rectified following social media uproar

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

An incorrect English translation on a signboard leading to Trang Airport has been rectified following public criticism. The sign, which was meant to point towards the airport, was found to be using the Karaoke language style in its English translation. It should have read Trang Airport, but instead it was written as THAAGRAD SAYAITHANG. The error has now been corrected, with the incorrect sign being removed.

On visiting the location in Nayong, Trang, our correspondent discovered that the sign had already been removed, leaving only the post by the roadside. According to locals, the sign had been in place for many years. However, it was only removed around noon today, presumably for replacement following its exposure on social media, reported KhaoSod.

Upon further investigation of other signboards on the same route leading to Trang Airport, it was found that all other signs correctly used the term Trang Airport in their English translation.

Our correspondent reached out to officials from the Trang Provincial Administrative Organisation’s engineering department who confirmed that the road in question was originally a rural highway built in 1992. In 2008, responsibility for the road was transferred to the Trang Provincial Administrative Organisation. While the Organisation has been maintaining the road surface, it admitted to not having noticed the error on the signboard until it was shared on social media. The problematic sign was subsequently removed.

A new signboard, with correct and clear directions, is currently in the process of procurement and will replace the old one soon.

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