Engineer’s zero sperm count unveils family lineage mystery

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A 40 year old engineer recently discovered he had a zero sperm count, leading to a shocking revelation about his family’s lineage. Dr Gu Fangyu, a specialist in urology, recounted the case of his patient, who worked in the technology industry and suffered from infertility.

After a thorough examination, the engineer was diagnosed with congenital absence of the Vas deferens, a rare medical condition with an incidence of only one in ten thousand.

The absence of the Vas deferens since birth is a genetic disorder, the exact cause of which remains unclear. It could be due to sexually transmitted infections, male sterilization procedures, or erectile dysfunction.

Interestingly, the genes associated with this condition are also linked to lung development, suggesting potential complications such as life-threatening pulmonary issues.

The situation in the clinic became tense when the patient, perplexed by the diagnosis, revealed he already had a child and was seeking help for conceiving a second. This unexpected twist led Dr Fangyu to clarify that while the patient’s condition might not have been present from a young age, problems with the vas deferens could develop over time.

He reassured the patient that with assisted reproductive technology, conceiving a child would still be possible, reported Sanook.

Dr Fangyu emphasised the uncertainty surrounding the condition, whether it is due to a congenital absence or a progressive disappearance of the Vas deferens. The connection between the patient’s genetic condition and the development of the lungs indicates possible severe health implications.

Unfortunately, since the couple never returned to the clinic, the resolution of their family situation and the genetic relationship of their child remains unknown. The case underscores the complexities of genetic disorders and their profound impact on individuals and families.

In related news, the Central Investigation Bureau officers arrested a Thai man at his home in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok for illegally smuggling sperm cells across the border into Laos and Cambodia for surrogacy.

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