Elderly Thai duo’s homemade kaffir lime shampoo gains online attention (video)

Photo courtesy of kanthikanuch (Tiktok)

Social media users are intrigued by a pair of elderly women who are handcrafting and selling their kaffir lime shampoo. The duo’s distinctive labelling of their product has caught the attention of netizens, suggesting a counterfeit if the sticker is aligned properly.

On January 7, TikTok user @kanthikanuch shared a clip of the two old ladies making the herbal shampoo from scratch, including the meticulous process of sticking labels onto the bottles. The post read, “The queue is long until the end of the year. One day of production, two weeks to stick the stickers.”

In the video, one of the old ladies is seen filling bottles with freshly made shampoo and then carefully applying the brand’s sticker onto each bottle. However, the product’s highlight is not the shampoo’s quality alone but the labels on the bottles.

Each sticker applied by the old ladies is never aligned perfectly. They are either upside down, tilted to the left or right, or have additional pieces of the sticker adhering.

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The other old lady continues her work while resting and occasionally eating coconut jelly. This unique production process has amused internet users, who joke that any bottle with a perfectly aligned sticker must be a fake, reported Khao Sod.

@kanthikanuch ตอนนี้คิวยาวถึงปลายปีแล้วค่ะ ผลิตหนึ่งวันติดสติ๊กเกอร์สองอาทิตย์ #ตานีครัวเตาถ่าน #แชมพูตายาย #แชมพูสมุนไพรมะกรูด #มะกรูด #แชมพูลดผมร่วง #เทรนด์วันนี้ #ชุมแสงนครสวรรค์ ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ตานีครัวเตาถ่าน

In related news, experience a touching encounter as TikTok user @nongpraew56 stumbles upon an elderly woman asleep on her tricycle in challenging living conditions. The viral video captured the model’s empathetic response, sharing the woman’s story of caring for stray dogs in the forest.

With over 1.8 million views, viewers express concern and admiration, while some caution about potential dangers. The model’s pledge to provide further assistance resonates, prompting an outpouring of support and calls for broader community help.

This viral incident highlights both the struggles of the elderly and the power of social media for a positive impact.

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