Elderly Thai man rescued after three days trapped in bathroom

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An elderly man was rescued after being trapped in the bathroom of his Chon Bui home for three days without food. The discovery was made at 8.10pm yesterday, July 9, by a friend of his son.

Rescue officers from the Sawang Rojanathamsathan Foundation in Chon Buri were promptly dispatched following the report of 72 year old Pornchai slipping in his bathroom on the second floor of his house in Sattahip.

Upon arrival, they found Pornchai naked and in a weakened state as he hadn’t consumed any food for the past three days. Initial first aid was administered before he was rushed to Somdej Phra Nangchaosirikit Hospital, part of the Royal Thai Navy Medical Department.

A friend of Pornchai’s son revealed that the son had called him to check on his father because he had been unreachable due to working out of town. The friend decided to visit the house and called out but heard only faint responses from upstairs. He then broke in through a window to find Pornchai on the bathroom floor, immediately contacting rescue services for help.

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Pornchai explained that he had fallen early on Sunday morning and had been unable to move or seek help, and was trapped in the bathroom until his discovery almost three days later, reported KhaoSod.

The incident demonstrates the vulnerability of elderly individuals living alone, serving as a reminder of the importance of regular check-ins and having emergency contacts readily available for quick assistance. The timely intervention by a friend of Pornchai’s proved crucial in his rescue.

In separate news, an 82 year old Thai homeowner yesterday saved the life of an electrician after he was electrocuted while working at her home in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province.

The homeowner, Sa-ngiam Kukkong, called rescuers from the Sawang Rojjanadham Foundation to her home to transport the technician, 61 year old Somsak Kaerattana, to a hospital. Somsak remained conscious and was able to communicate with rescuers.

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