Motorist goes viral for hanging bags of durian on car to avoid smell

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A witty motorist attracted attention when they drove around town with bags of durian hanging from their car. The curious incident was caught on camera by another driver who shared the footage on social media. The clip quickly went viral, with netizens amused by the driver’s ingenuity in keeping the famously aromatic fruit outside the vehicle while on the move.

Yesterday, the TikTok user @mewmubha posted a video showing a white car with red licence plates cruising along a road at night. The car featured numerous plastic bags hanging around the body, drawing stares from other motorists. The owner of the clip was intrigued enough to pull up alongside the car to see for themselves what was inside the bags. It turned out that each bag was filled with the notorious Thai fruit, durian, known for its potent smell.

The TikTok user captioned their post, “A red-plate Mazda that totally understands the struggle. They want to hide the plates but I love their creativity. #durian #wantingdurianisthecause.” It seems likely that the car owner enjoyed eating durian but did not want the lingering smell to penetrate their vehicle’s interior. The creative solution was to hang bags of fruit on the outside of the car as they went on their way, reports Sanook.

After the video was made public, numerous netizens weighed in with comments, particularly durian lovers who could relate to the everyday struggle of wanting to enjoy the fruit without dealing with the overpowering smell. Some comments included:

“Delicious, but powerful smell.”

“Have people who eat and don’t eat sitting together.”

“Want to eat durian, but don’t want the smell to stick to the car.”

“Be careful not to accidentally roll the windows down, otherwise, you won’t be able to eat it.”

Durian, aptly nicknamed the “king of fruits,” is highly regarded by many in Southeast Asia, despite its divisive smell. Many people are willing to pay a premium for the tasty fruit, but others cannot look past the strong odour that tends to linger in enclosed spaces like cars. The brave driver in the video undoubtedly came up with an unorthodox yet highly effective way of ferrying their favourite fruit around without having to worry about the smell making its way into their car. Their strategy soon gained them an admiring audience on social media, highlighting the lengths that some durian lovers are prepared to go to enjoy their treat without compromising the cleanliness of their vehicles.


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