Kind Pattaya motorcycle taxi rider returns tourist’s wallet with 13,000 baht

Motorcycle taxi rider returned tourist's wallet with 13,000 baht, photo by The Pattaya News.

While there are many complaints about drivers and motorcycle taxi riders in Thailand, sometimes, acts of kindness make headlines too.

A kind Pattaya motorcycle taxi rider returned a forgotten wallet containing over 13,700 baht in cash to an American tourist. The rider, Nonglak Prakobsap returned the wallet in the early hours of yesterday at 4am.

Nonglak spotted the black wallet on the ground of an alley nearby her route on Soi 6. She had earlier driven an intoxicated tourist to his hotel in South Pattaya from the spot. Nonglak said the man had claimed he did not have money when she dropped him off, so she let him go without payment. Nonglak believed that the wallet belonged to him.

Nonglak gave the wallet to Pattaya Police, The Pattaya News reported. Officers identified the tourist as Bobby B, who was part of the recent military visit to the area by the USS Nimitz. Bobby reportedly thanked Nonglak for her act of kindness and told officers he would pick up the wallet the next morning.

In recent months, there have been several incidents in Thailand involving kind people returning hefty sums of cash and pricy items to their owners.

Earlier this month, a Thai man was praised for his honesty after he returned 75,500 baht he found at a Bangkok petrol station cash machine to its rightful owner.

In February, a kind Pattaya baht bus driver was praised for his integrity after returning a lost bag containing 4,000 euros and other valuable items to a female Finnish tourist. The driver’s actions were widely praised on social media, with many netizens expressing their admiration for his honesty and integrity. Some even suggested that the authorities should put a special recognition sticker on his car to commend his actions

Also in February, Phuket Police helped a Russian woman get her pricey diamond earrings back after she accidentally left them at a guesthouse at Nai Yang Beach the month before.

In January, a kind Thai man returned a pricey gold necklace to a British tourist in Patong. The Thai man, 46 year old Jakkarin Kongmueang, told Patong Police he found the bracelet at a bar in Soi Bangla on January 11. The bracelet was reportedly worth 150,000 baht.

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