Ancient dinosaur footprints discovered in Phetchabun’s Nam Nao district

Dinosaur footprints in Phetchabun's Nam Nao district. Picture cuortesy of the Department of Mineral Resources.

In Phetchabun’s Nam Nao district, a set of ancient dinosaur footprints believed to be about 225 million years old have been uncovered, according to the Department of Mineral Resources. The ancient footprints were discovered in a dried-up creek at the Huai Hin Lat rock formation, sparking interest among experts.

Upon the discovery, staff from the Mineral Resources Office Region 1 visited the site on Saturday for further examination. They found the footprints to measure ten metres wide and three metres long, indicating the massive size of the creatures that left them.

The age of the site can be traced back to the late Triassic Period, which occurred roughly 225 million years ago. This incredible find provides a window into the ancient world and offers a glimpse of the creatures that once roamed the area.

Kamonlak Wongko, a geologist from the office, explained that the prints were only visible due to the water level in the creek receding during the summer months. The footprints were identified as those of a sauropod, a group of long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs.

The 48 year old Wongko stated that the discovery of these sauropod prints would provide valuable insight into the evolution of ancient animals in Thailand. The find could potentially inspire more research in the region, offering a better understanding of the prehistoric environment and the creatures that inhabited it.

Phetchabun, a northern province of Thailand, has a landscape rich in history and geological significance. Numerous fossils and ancient artefacts have been uncovered in the area, allowing researchers to piece together the story of life millions of years ago. In 2012, the Nam Nao Conservation Group discovered additional dinosaur footprints in the Nam Nao district, further cementing the region’s significance as an area of great importance for palaeontological study.

The discovery of these ancient dinosaur footprints generates excitement not just for the scientific community, but also for the general public, as it rekindles an interest in the fascinating world that existed long before modern life. The potential implications of this finding could lead to a better understanding of the ancient world and the remarkable creatures that called it home.

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