Digging for justice: Mother’s anger grows after 8 year old son buried alive by uncle

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A furious Thai mother sought justice for her eight year old son after the boy was buried alive by his uncle. The mother is incandescent with rage at the Royal Thai Police’s procrastination in issuing charges against the suspect despite the overwhelming evidence presented to them.

The mother, Tanyong, revealed her fury on Facebook.

“The incident occurred on August 26, but the person who harmed my innocent son remains at large, despite the possession of concrete evidence and the presence of witnesses. I want the person to face legal punishment. What was in his mind? The child is innocent, and that child is his nephew. I will never give up on the case. He is not a human.”

Channel 3 reported an interview with Tonyong yesterday. Tonyong revealed that she and her son lived separately after she divorced her husband. The boy resided with his grandmother in the northeastern province of Loei while she worked in Chon Buri province. She added that her ex-husband’s sister and her husband also helped take care of her son.

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Tanyong recounted that she first learned of the horrifying incident from her son’s grandmother. The grandmother revealed that her son’s uncle, Oak, was drinking alcohol with his friends at the house when the grandmother heard the boy scream at about 10pm to 11pm. The boy screamed…

“I will never do it again. I am sorry.”

The grandmother then rushed out of her bedroom to look for her grandson. She arrived at the site of the gathering, where she was informed that Oak had taken the boy to an area behind the house. Oak told the grandmother that she would learn the following day where the boy went to.

The grandmother was worried and ordered Oak and his friends to look for the boy. His friends helped search for the boy while Oak remained silent. The grandmother pressured Oak until he revealed the spot where he hid the boy.

The grandmother rushed to check on her grandson and spotted the child’s two hands sticking out of a pile of soil. She immediately pulled the boy out. The boy was unconscious, his face and nose buried under a suffocating layer of earth, leaving him gasping for breath.

Oak’s friends did not agree with his action and reported the issue to the police leading Oak to be charged with attempted murder. However, officers granted him a temporary release citing a lack of evidence indicating his intent to flee.

Oak insisted to Channel 3 that he did not bury his nephew alive. He claims he covered the child’s body with soil as a form of punishment after the boy bullied his son. The boy bullied his son until his wife cried. His actions were driven by a desire to teach the young boy a lesson, preventing him from repeating his behaviour.

Following the mother’s exposure of the incident on social media, police officers summoned Oak yesterday and temporarily detained him on charges of attempted murder. Oak will remain in custody until his court hearing.

Tonyong disclosed that her son transformed the incident. He struggled to recollect her and seldom engaged in conversation. He appeared to be in a perpetual state of fear. Tonyong sought specialised care for her son before relocating with him to live in Chon Buri.

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