Did violent tunes hint at Thai heiress’s grim fate?

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A fresh discovery has been made on the murder of Thai heiress Kamonnan Thiamphanit, known as Angela, as haunting echoes of violent tunes reverberated through the luxurious halls of her Hyde Park mansion.

In the heart of London’s opulent Hyde Park, tragedy struck when 27 year old Angela was found brutally murdered in her lavish £4 million (approximately 184 million baht) mansion on April 8. The idyllic tranquillity of her stylish abode was shattered by the piercing screams that alerted neighbours to the grim reality lurking behind closed doors.

The unsettling revelation of Angela’s fate began to unfold as her family unearthed a sinister twist in her digital footprint. In the hours preceding and following her disappearance, her YouTube account became a conduit for violent music videos, a stark departure from her usual playlist.

Angela’s boyfriend, Chris Zeng, stumbled upon this unsettling discovery, noting a disturbing playlist echoing themes of knife and gun violence blaring from her iPad. A harrowing five-hour soundtrack to tragedy, seemingly setting the stage for the grim events that would follow.

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Angela’s Google Maps journey traced her path from a friend’s flat to her ominous fate at the Bayswater property. Friends, present at a fateful board game soirée, recounted Angela’s abrupt departure, veiled in the cloak of an undisclosed emergency.

As the investigation deepened, suspicions turned towards a figure who lurked within the shadows of Airbnb’s digital realm. An offer of a tempting sum and the promise of a lavish stay precipitated Angela’s descent into a sinister trap, reported Daily Mail UK.

A stranger, shrouded in wealth and mystery, orchestrated a deadly rendezvous that would claim Angela’s life.

UPDATE: Suspect identified in Thai woman’s London murder, killer on the run

Local police announced they have successfully identified the suspect in the murder of a 27 year old Thai woman in London but added that the killer may have fled abroad.

The dead body of 27 year old Thai woman Kamonnan “Angela” Thiamphanit was found at her luxury mansion on Stanhope Place, on Bayswater Road, near Hyde Park on April 8. She reportedly bore multiple stab wounds all over her body.

A neighbour told local media that she heard a high-pitched scream before Kamonnan’s body was discovered. However, she did not go out to investigate because she did not think she could help.

Kamonnan worked in real estate but further details about her career were not disclosed. She rented the mansion through Airbnb but there was no report of whether she lived there alone or with others.

Local police believe Kamonnan was acquainted with the murderer because no signs of theft or forced entry were visible at the scene. Moreover, the front door of Kamonnan’s mention was equipped with a camera allowing her to screen the visitors, revealed Detective Chief Inspector Alison Foxwell.

“We believe that the person who attacked her was known to her. This isn’t a stranger attack but at some point after April 6 at 6.15am she was attacked in the address and sustained several stab injuries.”

The Daily Mail reported on April 16 that police already had the name of the main suspect in Kamonnan’s case but officers believe the person has fled England.

Foxwell added that she did not think it would be possible to arrest the suspect within the next two weeks. She added that she would consult with the Crown Prosecution Service about whether or not they had enough evidence to extradite the suspect from outside the UK.

According to the Daily Mail, Foxwell and the relevant authorities planned to return Kamonnan’s body to her family in Thailand for a funeral ceremony.

ORIGINAL STORY: Delayed police response to Thai woman’s brutal murder in London

The brutal stabbing murder of a 27 year old Thai woman, in her residence in Westminster, London, has stirred up public fire against the local police over their delayed response to distress calls from her friends. The unfortunate incident unfolded in a home located on Stanhope Place, near Hyde Park, valued at around US$4 million.

The victim Kamonnan Angela Thiamphanit’s lifeless body was discovered on Monday morning. Her neighbours reported hearing screams before the gruesome discovery, according to British media. The search for the culprit is still ongoing.

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed last night that the deceased was indeed a Thai national who had been stabbed. The ministry further revealed that the Thai embassy in London had reached out to the victim’s family and was working closely with the police on the case.

As reported by the Daily Mail, law enforcement authorities were alerted by a worried friend of Kamonnan on Sunday evening. Despite this, they failed to arrive at the scene until 13 hours later. The Metropolitan Police confirmed receiving two calls from the same individual at 7.05pm and 9.34pm respectively, as reported by the BBC.

Multiple wounds

The police force revealed in a statement that the woman was initially graded as a medium-risk missing person before the discovery of her body. Officers visited the property on Stanhope Place at 8.30am on Monday. They were confronted with the grim sight of a woman who had suffered multiple stab wounds upon forcibly entering the premises. An autopsy report revealed sharp force trauma as the cause of death.

Before Kamonnan’s body was found, neighbours reported hearing two high-pitched screams, followed by an eerie silence. Given the lack of forced entry and the presence of a video entry system at the front door, it is speculated that Kamonnan might have been acquainted with her attacker.

The Metropolitan Police has referred the case to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) due to the criticism received for their handling of the investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Adam Clifton made a public appeal for information.

“I would appeal to anyone who has information that could assist us, no matter how insignificant you think that may be, to come forward and speak to us. Kamonnan’s family and friends have been devastated by this murder and we must ensure whoever is responsible is held to account.”

Neighbours revealed that Kamonnan lived in the £4-million (182 million baht) property situated in the posh neighbourhood of the City of Westminster, just a stone’s throw away from Hyde Park. The property, which served as the Ethiopian Embassy until four years ago, has since been converted into several Airbnb units. Kamonnan’s specific rental spaces within the property remain unknown.

The three-storey, five-bedroom terraced home originating from the 1820s is rented, according to a local hotel owner, who was oblivious to the identity of the tenant, reported Bangkok Post.

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