Cold-hearted collusion: Wife aids suspect in chilling concealment of 12 year old girl’s body (video)

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The wife of a suspect, who killed a 12 year old girl and concealed her body in the refrigerator, was discovered aiding the suspect in concealing the deceased body. Police officers pressed three charges against her and subsequently granted her temporary release.

Yutthana “Jaep” Madee was arrested at about 3am on July 3 after he was found guilty of the murder of his 12 year old stepdaughter named Arisara “Peemai” Tirawat. The 29 year old Thai man alleged that Arisara had stolen some food, which led him to brutally assault her with a baseball bat. He then hid her body in a concrete-filled ice box.

Further investigation into the case revealed the involvement of Yutthana’s wife, Niramon “Mint” Promkun, who was caught on the CCTV camera in the house helping her husband hide the dead body. The footage clearly shows Yuthana and his 30 year old wife preparing to hide Arissara’s dead body in the house.

Bang Khan Police Station officers summoned Niramon to address three charges related to her involvement in the criminal act. Niramon voluntarily surrendered herself to the Bang Khen Police Station during the early hours of this morning.

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According to the police report, officers spent four hours questioning Yutthana’s wife, Niramon, about the murder. She was later temporarily released and is expected to appear in court tomorrow, July 7. At that time, she will face temporary imprisonment during the legal proceedings.

Niraon faces three charges, including helping another person commit an offence to avoid punishment, conspiring to hide, relocate, or destroy a dead body to cover up the cause of death, and altering a crime scene likely to affect an autopsy or case investigation.

Officers made known they intent to conduct further investigation to ascertain whether Niramon was also complicit in physically assaulting the victim. If such involvement is confirmed, additional charges will be pressed against her.


UPDATE: Thai man who murdered 12 year old girl set for re-enactment

Bangkok’s Bang Khen Police Station is planning to set up a re-enactment scene for the 29 year old man who allegedly murdered a 12 year old girl.

The accused, Yutthana or Jaeb Madee, is accused of assaulting a 12 year old girl with a baseball bat which resulted in her death. Afterwards, her body was concealed inside an ice bucket, encased in cement, and hidden under the ground.

Yutthana confessed to causing fatal harm to the child and was imprisoned. Throughout the following night of his imprisonment, officers observed Yutthana portraying symptoms of distress, pacing back and forth and lying down with a hand across his forehead. Tight security is being maintained with CCTV cameras and additional officers on night shift surveillance duties.

There is concern about Yutthana potentially contemplating suicide during his custody in jail, Khaosod reported. Statements made during phone calls before his arrest suggested this danger when he mentioned to his brother Job that…

“I won’t be around. I’ll hang myself.”

Pol. Col. Anan Worasat, the Director of Bang Khen Police Station, was set to escort Yutthana to carry out a re-enactment of the horrifying event of concealing the corpse within an ice bucket at the location of the incident at noon today.

It was reported earlier that Yutthana murdered the girl because she stole some food supplements prepared for clients.



ORIGINAL STORY: Thai man hunted following suspected murder of 12 year old stepdaughter in Bangkok

A 29 year old man become a prime suspect in the brutal murder of a 12 year old girl, referred to as ‘Ae,’ in Bangkok, Thailand. He was acting as the caretaker for Ae, who was his stepdaughter.

The incident reportedly occurred at 3.30am today, with claims that the man allegedly beat Ae to death, using a baseball bat, before hiding her body in a concrete-filled ice box, supposedly due to Ae’s purported act of stealing food supplements prepared for clients.

Currently, investigating officers are intensifying their efforts to apprehend Yuthana, also named Jaeb.

Information suggests that after the murder incident, he might have gone to a friend’s apartment complex in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district, and remained uncontactable afterwards. Meanwhile, his spouse, Niramon, has been detained, and her testimony successfully recorded by the investigation team. If discovered to have been complicit in the murder, she may face legal prosecution on the grounds of aiding and abetting murder, as well as the concealment of a corpse.

“Ae was a victim of a fatal beating, allegedly by her stepfather, using a baseball bat. Following her death, her body was concealed in an ice box filled with concrete. The reported motive for this heinous act was the stealing of food supplements,” said a source close to the case.

The police are working relentlessly to locate and apprehend Yuthana to enable the next stage of the legal process, Khaosod reported. This gruesome murder case has left the nation shocked and yearning for justice for the young victim.

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