Cockfighting arena owner’s body found, murder suspected


A grisly murder case has unfolded with the discovery of a body believed to be that of a 56 year old cockfighting arena owner who had been missing since February 1.

The body was found near a palm plantation, approximately four kilometres from the main road, tied up and with evidence suggesting acid had been poured over it. The body was discovered on March 26 and subsequently sent for a thorough forensic examination to confirm its identity.

The following day, the news team travelled to the deceased’s sister’s home in Chumphon province, where relatives confirmed the body was indeed that of a cockfighting arena owner named Khanop. The victim’s niece, Jaruwan, acknowledged the resemblance in the photographs and praised the police for their efforts in the search.

Amid grieving, Khanop’s wife, referred to as Jae Uan, discussed property distribution among her children, relatives, and Khanop’s children. She expressed a desire to prepare for her husband’s funeral before turning herself in to the police, anticipating her imminent arrest. Jae also cursed her husband’s mistress, Nong Kae, vowing to exclude her from any inheritance and wishing her to face the consequences of her actions.

On the other side, Khanop’s second wife, Nong, expressed her grief and the hope that he was still alive before the body was found. She had been searching for him daily for 55 days and insisted she wanted no part in his estate.

Nong also revealed that Khanop’s relatives invited her to the funeral, but she was concerned for her safety. As of today, police have taken Jae into custody for further questioning regarding the murder.

The case has sent shockwaves through the local community, as the investigation continues to unravel the motives and circumstances behind this harrowing crime, reported Sanook.

In related news, a son murdered his father in family dispute. The deceased, Songsakran, was known by locals for his drastic change of behaviour when under the influence of alcohol. According to his 81year old father, Chingchai, Songsakran was a good person when sober but became aggressive and quarrelsome after drinking.

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