CIB police named Social Impact Partner in TikTok Award Thailand 2023

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The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Thailand has been named Social Impact Partner of the Year in the TikTok Award Thailand 2023.

TikTok Thailand held the awards ceremony on Saturday, October 28 at Suralai Hall on the seventh floor of the ICONSIAM shopping mall in Bangkok. Several Thai celebrities, singers, musicians, artists and content creators attended the event. All their fans gathered to cheer on their favourite artists.

At the ceremony, 17 awards were announced for all creators of TikTok applications, including:

  • Best of Sports, Best of Gaming
  • Best of Education
  • Best of Fashion & Beauty
  • Best of Food
  • Best of Entertainment
  • Artist of the Year
  • Celebrity of the Year
  • Viral Song of the Year
  • Livestreamer of the year
  • International Song of the Year
  • Rising Star of the Year
  • Popular Creator of the Year
  • Creator of the Year
  • TikTok Shop Creator of the Year
  • Inspiring SME of the Year
  • Social Impact Partner of the Year

To the surprise of Thai TikTokers, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) also played a major role in the application, as the CIB won the Social Impact Partner of the Year award. The Commissioner of the CIB, Jiraphop Phuridate, attended the event to receive the award in person.

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In his speech, Jiraphop said that he and his team were proud to receive the award and that it would encourage them to continue their good work. Jiraphop said that the videos they create not only promote the organisation and spread legal knowledge to the public but also warn people about online fraud and scams.

Jiraphop stressed that he and his team would continue their police work together while creating useful content. He added that the CIB would always follow its motto of working professionally and impartially, and always stand by the people.

The CIB’s official TikTok account is @cibpolice. The account has over two million followers and is very active with several videos on its platform. The videos have been about each criminal case that has caught the public’s attention, as well as videos that have educated viewers about Thai law.

In addition to the TikTok platform, the CIB is also active on Facebook. The details and pictures of several successful cases, both within the Bureau and within the RTP, can be found on its official Facebook page.


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