Chumphon teenager disappears in sea after wave mishap

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A tragic incident unfolded yesterday, as a 17 year old high school student, hailing from Chumphon’s capital district, disappeared into the sea while playing with friends near the Saphli pier in Chumphon province. Despite friends’ desperate attempts to help, the powerful waves swept him away. The 43 year old boy’s mother, was left in shock and distress, looking out to the sea for her missing son.

The incident took place around 4pm at the Saphli pier, known for its stunning views and fishing operations. The pier also serves as a popular tourist spot. The student and his friends had just finished school activities and decided to unwind at the pier. They hopped onto a pick-up truck and drove to the waterfront, where they began to frolic in the water near the pier, reported Khao Sod.

However, the fun took a tragic turn when a strong gust of wind generated powerful waves, dragging the young student into the deeper part of the sea. His friends attempted to throw him a rope and rush to his aid, but the waves dispersed them in different directions, ultimately leading to the boy’s disappearance. Luckily, the rest of the group managed to swim back to shore safely.

Rescue teams, including divers and the Chumphon maritime rescue foundation, initiated a search operation. However, the search had to be halted as dusk fell and the sea conditions became increasingly treacherous. The search is set to resume later today, with hopes to find the missing student amidst the challenging circumstances.

In related news, tragedy strikes as the son of renowned page owner ไมกี้จอมป่วน (Mikey Troublemaker) drowns in a school camp activity. Grieving parent urges an end to such activities, citing negligence. In a related incident, an 11 year old boy drowns in Khon Kaen during a tragic plastic boat mishap. Heartbreaking stories underscore the need for water safety awareness.

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