Chon Buri eatery owner hires man overcharged for rice & eggs dish

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A Chon Buri eatery owner offered a job to an unemployed man and his young son, who were the focus of a viral story involving an overpriced two-egg rice dish. The compassionate gesture won the hearts of netizens who came across the owner’s social media post searching for the struggling pair.

Following a widely criticized incident where a jobless father and his son were charged 70 baht for a simple meal of rice with two fried eggs, a local restaurant owner in Chon Buri province has reached out with a helping hand. The owner, known as Chef Maggie of Khlang Na Pla Khao Restaurant, has invited the father to apply for a job, sparking a wave of online admiration for the act of kindness.

Today, May 2, a Facebook post from Khlang Na Pla Khao Restaurant appealed to the community to help locate the father, who had been eating the 70 baht egg rice with his son. The post, which quickly garnered attention and shares, suggested the man could apply for a job at the restaurant, given his current state of unemployment.

Chef Maggie, born Pratchaya Prayat, revealed that after seeing the news about the man who had become unemployed and was looking for work with his son in tow, he felt compelled to offer an opportunity.

The restaurant needed a cook and a server, positions that could potentially be filled by the father, providing him with a means to support his family.

Pratchaya, who had noted the public’s critical response to the overpriced egg rice dish, explained that during hard times, it’s important to extend support to those in need. He added that he wanted to encourage and aid both sides of the situation by offering the father a chance to earn a living at his establishment.

Unemployed father

The story of the unemployed father, who was previously a chef before an accident involving his fingers left him unable to cook, touched many. According to Pratchaya, the man was already considering a job in Bangkok but was waiting for a call back within two to three days.

Pratchaya had spoken to him, offering positions such as server or order-taker at the restaurant, ensuring that he would have a source of income regardless of whether he could cook.

The restaurant owner’s call to action and display of empathy in the face of another’s hardship has been met with praise from the online community. His proactive approach not only offered immediate help to the affected family but also set an example of community support and the power of social media to bring people together for a good cause, reported Khaosod.

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