Gay couple arrested in Bangkok for drug and extortion operations

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Police yesterday arrested a gay couple at a condominium in Nonthaburi province for drug sales and money extortion operations, targeting medical workers and high-flyers in the educational field.

A Thai doctor sought help from the Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Bureau (IDMB) after falling victim to a 37 year old gay man named Krittaphat, also known as Top. Top got the doctor hooked on drugs and extorted money from him.

The doctor claimed that he was not the first victim, adding that Top targeted healthcare professionals in the LGBTQA+ community. According to the victim, Top approached him saying he was a cardiologist and lured him into using a drug by claiming it was a supplement.

The doctor said he eventually became addicted to the drug. He was forced to have sex with Top on video so he could get more of the drug. Top also cheated him out of money, almost making him bankrupt. Fortunately, the doctor managed to break out of the cycle.

Further investigation into Top’s identity revealed a close association with another gay man, 42 year old Srettayot, also known as Keng, who was allegedly a drug lord.

Keng is the deputy director of a school in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok, which made him well known among LGBTQA+ government officials, especially those working in the education field.

Keng frequently invited those officials to drug parties at his condominium and urged them to engage in group sex.

Drug dealers

Officers raided Ken’s condo room yesterday, March 26, and arrested both Keng and Top on the spot. Police seized 100 grammes of crystal meth, two bags of ketamine, 31,500 baht in cash, five bank accounts, 200 condoms, 100 packs of lubricating gel, 50 packs of Viagra, 100 pieces of drug paraphernalia, gay pornography, and other equipment related to drug sales.

Keng denied the accusation and claimed that all of the illegal products were used as teaching materials. Officers were not convinced when they found a notebook with details of drug customers and more than 1.3 million baht in Keng’s bank account over the previous three months.

Keng and Top eventually had to admit to the crime due to the clear evidence. Keng said he began using drugs last year and only became a dealer this year. He sold drugs to friends, young people in the community and government officials.

Top revealed that he finished his bachelor’s degree at a faculty of engineering and continued his master’s degree. He worked for an events company before becoming an insurance agent.

Top said his life turned upside down when he started using drugs in 2014. He was jailed for a year and three months for drug offences and was unable to find work when he was released, so he had to return to selling drugs.

Officers expressed concern that high-ranking officials in the education sector might be involved with Keng and Top, posing a threat to children in schools. They urged anyone with relevant information to come forward to the police.

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