Cambodian man chokes to death on cherry clam in Thailand

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A 41 years old Cambodian man died in front of his friends after choking on an oyster while eating a papaya salad with cherry clams and drinking beer at a rented room in Panthong, Chonburi, Thailand. His friends initially thought he had passed out from drinking too much, but subsequent events confirmed the tragic incident.

At around 12.30am today, Swang Uthayan Thammasathan Rescue Unit was alerted to a case of a man losing consciousness after eating papaya salad containing oysters with beer at a rented room in Panthong district. Upon arrival, they discovered the unconscious man, and medical professionals from Panthong Hospital were coordinated to provide assistance.

The incident took place in a 40-room rental property, where the lifeless body was located in room number 5. The rescue team found Chef Kob, aged 41, and they tried to administer CPR in an attempt to revive him. However, their efforts failed as Chef Kob was subsequently pronounced dead at Panthong Hospital.

Further investigation revealed that the man choked on a cherry clam while eating with friends. Narit, a 37 years old Cambodian friend of the deceased, explained that on the evening of June 16, he and the deceased, along with three other friends, had purchased papaya salad with cherry clams, fried chicken wings, and beer to enjoy together. While eating, the deceased suddenly coughed two to three times before collapsing on the floor. Narit assumed his friend had passed out from drunkenness, as was common for him. However, as time passed and the man remained unresponsive on the floor, they decided to call the rescue unit for help.

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At 07.30am, today, Panthong Hospital confirmed the tragic death. Preliminary findings from the hospital indicated that the cherry clam was lodged in the man’s windpipe, leading to a lack of oxygen and ultimately causing his death, reports Khaosod Online.

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