Toll evasion leads to Cambodian driver’s arrest, charges totalling 71,580 baht

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A Cambodian driver was apprehended by Highway Police yesterday after driving through a tollgate in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district without settling accrued toll charges totalling over 70,000 baht. The toll evasion arrest took place at 1.30am, led by the acting chief of Highway Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew.

In recent years, an effort was made to improve traffic flow along Highway 9 between Bang Pa-in and Bang Phli, resulting in the introduction of barrier-free M-Flow channels last year. Motorists are allowed to use these channels, even in the absence of an M-Flow account, yet are obliged to pay the outstanding charges within two days of passage. It’s also worth noting that a failure to settle these charges on time attracts a fine equal to ten times the incurred charge.

The vehicle operated by driver Term Nuo, a Toyota pickup truck, was among the top 20 vehicles featured on the police’s list of toll evasion offenders. Toll evasion reports indicated that the vehicle had passed through the M-Flow channels 266 times without payment, thus amassing 71,580 baht in unsettled toll charges, reported Bangkok Post.

Upon questioning of the toll evasion, Term disclosed that he was contracted to deliver goods from Simummuang market located in Pathum Thani to Chon Buri, and had chosen the M-Flow channels attributable to the lighter traffic compared to other lanes. He also expressed that he hadn’t received any notice to settle the incurred charges.

This is not the first time an offender has been caught during toll evasion.

In related news, an individual with a track record of recurrent traffic violations has been apprehended by the police for operating a Porsche with counterfeit registration plates to dodge tollway fees.

It was revealed that the culprit had managed to elude these charges on 22 distinct instances before his arrest. The offender utilized the newly-introduced M-Flow system to his benefit and gain. Read more HERE.

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