Buffalo calf rescued after horn entanglement in Buriram

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A peculiar incident occurred yesterday, January 27, when a buffalo calf, entangled in the curved horns of its grandmother, was rescued in Buriram. Despite numerous attempts, the rescue team failed to free the calf, ultimately requiring a veterinarian to safely remove part of the horns using a saw. This is reported to be the first case of its kind, though horn trimming in buffaloes with excessively curved and long horns is quite common.

The incident took place at the residence of Wichit Sarapanya, known as Uncle Piak, where the calf, named Phet, roughly one year old, found itself ensnared in the horns of five year old Dam, the grandmother buffalo of the calf.

Wichit speculated that the calf had been trapped since the afternoon after he tied the two buffaloes under a tree near his home. Rescue workers tried to pry the horns apart to release the calf, but the buffalo’s squirming and the extreme curvature of the horns complicated their efforts. After nearly an hour, they called for the district veterinary officer for assistance, reported Sanook.

Upon arrival, the veterinarian recommended horn cutting as the safest solution to avoid the risk of bloating in the buffalo if sedated. Approximately 8 centimetres of the horns were cut off, allowing the calf to be freed without harm. Wichit recounted that Phet had previously been caught in Dam’s horns two years ago. However, at that time, the horns were not as curved and the calf was smaller, making it possible for him to escape on his own. He expressed surprise at the occurrence, vowing to be more careful in the future.

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Chalad Phokaew, the district livestock officer, mentioned that the curved horns are characteristic of the Indian buffalo breed. These buffaloes frequently require horn trimming to prevent them from injuring themselves. He noted that while sedation is an option for freeing trapped animals, cutting the horns is safer. The horns of these buffaloes typically regrow after being cut.

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