Buddhist abbot’s secret affair with married woman results in disrobing

A Buddhist abbot found himself embroiled in controversy after allegedly having a secret year-long affair with a local woman. The family of the woman visited the temple to confront the abbot, leading to the revelation of evidence that subsequently pressured him to disrobe.

Yesterday, April 30, a group of family members arrived at a temple located in Chumphon province, due to their dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the monastery’s head monk. It became apparent that the abbot had been secretly engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman for nearly a year. The temple, which had seen significant improvements during his tenure, was now the site of a confrontation between the abbot’s followers and the aggrieved family.

During the discussion, the family expressed their previous admiration and faith in the abbot, who had played a key role in developing the temple from a dilapidated site to a clean and well-maintained sanctuary. The temple had become a focal point for many in the local community to practice meditation. However, the family’s faith was shattered when the 32 year old woman, a relative of those confronting the abbot, revealed the nature of their relationship.

Despite the allegations, the abbot vigorously denied any wrongdoing, stating that he upheld his religious duties and never deviated from proper monastic conduct. He claimed to be solely focused on the continued development of the temple and wanted it to become an educational centre and community attraction in the area.

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However, the family persisted in their accusations, claiming to possess evidence in the form of recorded conversations between the abbot and the woman, and offering these up as proof to the monastic authorities. The abbot eventually capitulated under the pressure and agreed to disrobe.

In an interview with the woman at the heart of the controversy, she claimed that she, her husband and her family had frequently visited the temple for religious events and became close to the abbot. The alleged relationship began in August 2022 when the abbot invited her alone to perform a midnight ritual, supposedly to improve her luck. The woman stated that the ritual involved touching her body and this marked the beginning of their intimate encounters, which took place in the monk’s living quarters and continued regularly for some time.

Eventually, rumours began to circulate and the woman suspected that the abbot had become involved with another woman. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she sought advice from a family member. When the abbot discovered this, he implored her not to reveal any evidence and to deny all allegations.

In the end, the anger of the woman’s relatives and the weight of the allegations compelled her to reveal the truth about her relationship with the abbot. As a result, he had no choice but to disrobe and face the consequences of his actions.

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