BMW crash into Nonthaburi market shops causes devastation and cat fatality

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A BMW car, driven by Achira, 28 years old, crashed into a row of shops at the Duang Kaew market on Tiwanon road in Nonthaburi‘s Pak Kret district, causing damage to about ten shops and resulting in the death of one cat. The incident occurred at 1 am on December 27.

At the scene of the incident, which took place in front of the market, police found the BMW car with the Bangkok licence plate 9กก5969 heavily damaged after crashing into approximately ten shops, reported Khao Sod. Debris from the destroyed shops was scattered across the area. A deceased cat was also found at the scene.

Achira, the driver of the BMW, was at the scene waiting to state the police. Another vehicle involved in the incident was a Toyota pickup truck with a cooling room and a Bangkok licence plate 3ฒฐ3331. The truck was parked in the middle of the road with damage to the right rear wheel.

The 28 year old driver of the pickup truck, Athapol, stated during the investigation that he was driving normally to deliver goods to the Pak Kret market when a fast-approaching car from behind hit the right rear of his vehicle. The car then lost control, hit the pavement, and crashed into the shops, causing damage to about ten of them. After the accident, Athapol was not injured and got out of his vehicle.

Market security personnel corroborated Athapol’s account, stating that the car was indeed speeding before it rammed into the rear of the pickup truck and then crashed into the market shops. Police documented the scene and the extent of the damage. They advised the shop owners who suffered losses to file a report detailing their damaged goods for insurance claims.

The police later took Achira to the station to test for alcohol levels in his body.

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