World Hindu Congress to be hosted by Bangkok this year, boosting Thai tourism

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As a first, Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant city, is set to play host to the World Hindu Congress (WHC), set to take place from November 24 to 26. Around 3,000 Hindus hailing from 60 different countries are anticipated to grace the event chaired by Susheel Kumar Saraff. Themed “Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah” or “Dharma,” the Abode of Victory,” the congress aims to celebrate the virtues of the religion and the triumphant strides of Hindus worldwide.

Having its inaugural meeting back in 2014, in New Delhi, followed by a second in Chicago in 2018, this event occurs every four years. As the 2023 convening approaches, Susheel Kumar Saraff anticipates the participation of over 3,000 Hindus who are part of Hindu communities or organisations from up to 60 countries.

He noted the strong link between Southeast Asia, Thailand in particular, and the Hindu culture. The prevalence of Hindu or Indian-inspired structures in the form of ancient architecture in the region further substantiates this connection. Remarkable landmarks including Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, My Son Temple in Vietnam and Wat Phu in Laos, speak volumes of the Hindu influence in the region.

Hosting the World Hindu Congress 2023 provides a significant opportunity for Thailand. The event can serve to bolster its tourism sector and overall economy by showcasing its offering to the global Hindu community. This also creates a platform for the establishment of future networks built on investment and cultural exchange, added Saraff.

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Fundamentally, the World Hindu Congress is an international forum that encourages convergence among Hindu leaders, activists, and thinkers. Its agenda includes engaging in meaningful discourse and drawing up innovative approaches to propel the community forward. A meeting of minds across seven key topics will ensue, each focusing on pertinent Hindu lessons, reported Bangkok Post.

Notable figures across various fields such as economics, education, media, politics, feminism, youth, and civil groups will be seen under one roof during the conference. With an estimated 16% of the global population, that’s 1.2 billion people living in 200 different countries, identifying as Hindus, the World Hindu Congress is indeed a critical event in the Hindu calendar.

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