Bangkok to expand Google Classroom project to all 437 schools by 2026

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has unveiled its plans to implement the Google Classroom project across all 437 schools under its jurisdiction within the next three years. The announcement follows a successful pilot project in collaboration with Google at Thainiyomsongkroa School in the Bang Khen district.

The Google Classroom project emphasises “learning connectivity and data accessibility,” providing each student with a reconditioned laptop for use both at home and in class. The laptops come equipped with the Google Classroom application, which is available for free to schools and enables teachers and students to access and collaborate on documents and projects online.

Google has been testing the system for years, with 9 million students already enrolled in Japan. The application has also been adopted in Indonesia, and now Thailand has been invited to participate. The BMA has accepted donations of old notebooks, which are reconditioned and allocated to students. The notebooks are installed with a new operating system that runs primarily from the cloud, allowing old computers to perform a wider variety of tasks while also reducing hardware costs. The project also includes training for teachers.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon said…

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“There has been positive feedback from students who want the project to continue, and the BMA is preparing to expand the system to more schools.”

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt confirmed that the project will cover all 437 BMA-run schools by 2026. The system, which has been widely adopted in some other countries, is also designed to protect students from accessing improper websites and online content.

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