Bangkok residents call for 20 baht fare amid uproar over 100 baht BTS cost

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The fare for a journey on the BTS Skytrain from Asoke to Minburi station has been set at 100 baht, causing uproar among Bangkok residents. They argue that it is nearly a third of the daily minimum wage and have started calling for the implementation of the 20 baht fare policy across all routes, previously promised by the government during the election campaign.

It started when the page Foot Path Thai Style revealed the fare for the BTS train from Asoke station (Green Line) to Minburi market station (Pink Line), covering 35 stations and taking about 59 minutes. The fare was around 100 baht, immediately sparking a wave of public criticism.

Residents in the capital city expressed their dissent with the slogan Bangkok, a life that fits well, highlighting the fact that the fare is almost one-third of a day’s minimum wage. This led to widespread calls for the implementation of the 20 baht fare policy across all routes. This policy was a popular promise made by the government during the election campaign, and many hope it will reduce their daily expenses, reported Sanook.

“Two meals’ worth of food,”

“I wonder if I should start raising horses instead of walking.”

“If the fare is 20 baht across all routes, everyone would praise it if it gets implemented.”

“What’s the minimum wage again?”

“Bangkok, a life that fits well.”

“A good life that’s running out.”

The fare issue has turned into a hot topic among netizens, most of whom expressed their disappointment and called for a review of the fare policy. The existing fare, they argue, is not in line with the minimum daily wage, making it difficult for daily commuters to afford.

The promise of a 20 baht fare across all routes remains a distant dream for many, who are now eagerly waiting for the government to make good on its promise.

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