Bangkok Protester that had hand injured from firecracker tests positive for Covid

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A man who recently attended a pro-democracy protest in Bangkok and had a hand “blown off” as he was trying to throw a firework has Covid, says police.

Kissana Phatthanacharoen, the deputy spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police Office, said last night that the 14 year old would-be-firecracker-thrower tested positive for Covid while receiving medical attention for his severely injured hand at the Ramathibodi Hospital.

Kissana reiterated the course of events that led to the 14 year old’s injured hand, that is, the firecracker exploded pre-throwing.

An unnamed police source says the teenager was adorned in a vocational student’s workshop shirt and attends a “nonformal” institute.

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The police spokesperson dismissed the report that police forced the teenager to hold onto the firecracker until it exploded as fake news.

Pakapong Pongpetra, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau said today that some police were injured due to the protest where police used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters. Pakapong adds that the damage to government property will cause unnecessary waste of the government’s budget...

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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