Man arrested for theft and fraudulent card use in Bang Phli, central Thailand

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A 29 year old man was apprehended by authorities for multiple charges including theft and fraudulent use of another person’s electronic card in the Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province. The arresting team consisted of officers from the Metropolitan Police Bureau 2, who acted on an arrest warrant issued on November 17.

The suspect was found driving a luxury Mercedes-Benz C350 in white, which had been reported in a recent news story, where a man driving a similar vehicle was accused of fleeing a petrol station in Lat Phrao district without paying for fuel on November 9. In addition to this, the suspect was also implicated in similar incidents in other areas.

The latest investigation led the Metropolitan Police Bureau 2 detectives to a room in the Nuanchan area, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok, where the suspect was hiding. On arrival, they detained him and upon further examination of his criminal record in the national CRIMES system, they discovered he was also wanted under an arrest warrant number 903/2566 issued on November 2 by the Samut Prakan Provincial Court for theft and misuse of another person’s electronic card.

Further compounding his criminal history, in 2021, he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by Prawet Police Station, and this year, he was implicated in multiple theft cases by Chokchai, Lat Phrao, Sai Mai Police Stations, and a cheque case by Bang Phli Police Station.

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Upon questioning, the accused admitted to being the individual named in the arrest warrant and confessed he committed these crimes because he did not want to pay. His behaviour was also found to be disruptive in his accommodation, and it was discovered that whenever he visited someone’s house, he would steal from them.

Further examination of information revealed that the car’s registration plate indicated the vehicle was black and of the same model, suggesting the suspect might be involved with an illegal car trading gang, which often pawns vehicles evading finance. This is still under investigation.

Initially, the officers handed him over to the Chokchai Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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