Authorities find makeshift home under Huay Yai flyover

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During a routine inspection on Tuesday, officials from the rural highway department and the Huay Yai municipality stumbled upon a makeshift home beneath the Ban Bueng-Map Ta Phut flyover in Huay Yai subdistrict.

What started as a simple check quickly escalated into a showdown between 57 year old Saiyut Sithlert and his wife against local authorities, who demanded the immediate evacuation of their makeshift dwelling under the bridge.

Delving deeper into the situation, the couple revealed the unconventional origins of their living arrangements, citing familial discord as the catalyst. Strained relationships with their daughter and her spouse left them with nowhere else to turn. Saiyut lamented their inability to find refuge in their daughter’s cramped quarters across the road, thus resorting to the bridge for shelter.

Despite Saiyut’s assurances that their stay was temporary, authorities remained resolute in their decision, leaving the family in a state of despair. The looming threat of an impending inspection by the Department of Rural Roads added to their woes, casting uncertainty over their humble abode furnished with necessities and household appliances.

However, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged as officials and local leaders granted the family an extension until the end of March, offering a brief respite from imminent eviction, reported Pattaya Mail.

Grateful for this compassionate gesture, Saiyut pledged to honour their agreement and vacate the premises, acknowledging the complexity of their predicament.

In related news, in a heart-stopping moment near Pattaya City School 7, a dessert vendor witnessed a young woman teetering perilously close to the edge of a footbridge along Sukhumvit Road on February 27. The vendor approached the distressed woman, urging her away from the brink of danger while calling for assistance from the Pattaya City Police.

In other news, an unconventional rescue mission took place in Pattaya, where authorities came to the aid of a homeless man drifting in the sea on a self-constructed raft made of plastic bottles.

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