Australian man wanted for allegedly sexually abusing children in Thailand

PHOTO: Sydney Morning Herald

A 44 year old Australian man is wanted by Thai police for allegedly sexually abusing children in Thailand. Adam James Fox financially supported some migrant children in poverty stricken areas and allegedly sexually abused them.

Adam James Fox is wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting or abusing at least 3 Burmese boys, all under 15 years old, at his home in Tak’s Mae Sot district near the Myanmar border.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Adam has claimed the accusations are a “set up.” The Herald notes there is an explicit video allegedly involving Adam and a boy as well as messages that go into detail about sexual abuse.

Reports of alleged sexual abuse came in after a local school principal noticed some of the boys had been absent from class, according to human trafficking investigator Daniel Isherwood.

“All children were interviewed by local social workers from a multidisciplinary team. I can confirm serious sexual abuse was reported, including ongoing sexual violation and indecencies. Boys also report being photographed nude and having access to drugs.”

Reporters from the Sydney Morning Herald obtained messages sent by Adam back in November on the messaging app Line. In a message about sexual acts with children, the Herald says Adam wrote “And I love it… And no one can do anything about it.”

In another message, the Herald says Adam wrote about giving a boy methamphetamine and heroin, then sexually abusing him. He allegedly wrote in a message that he filmed the acts and posted it on the “dark web.”

The Herald says reporters were able to contact Adam. They say Adam confirmed that he wrote the messages, but claimed he was angry and “didn’t mean what he wrote.”

“All right, I was an idiot to say that but, man, there’s plenty of other things I said. I threatened to blow up the court building. I have been flipping out.”

A local child welfare organisation reports that there is also a video of a child masturbating and Adam participating. Adam told the Herald that there is a video of a child masturbating, but Adam says his back was turned and the video was a set up.

The migrant boys who Adam allegedly abused live in poverty stricken areas. Adam says he was supporting their education and well being. According to local authorities, he paid a victim’s mother 4,500 baht per month.

The Royal Thai Police first charged Adam early last year. He was released on bail, but failed to show up to his court date in December. Adam posted a video online saying he had bribed people, including government workers. The Herald says Adam is on the run in Bangkok.

“Corruption in Thailand is at all levels and with enough money you can get people to give you whatever you want, whatever you need.”

SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald

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