Astrologer forecasts windfall as stars align for monkey and goat zodiacs in 2024

Astrologer Thaworot, also known as White, revealed an exciting forecast for the year 2024. In the first half of the year, luck is on the side of those born in the Year of the Monkey and the Year of the Goat.

These individuals are likely to experience a period of fast-paced fortune, with opportunities for career advancement and large-scale projects. Financial gains will also come quickly.

White explains that these two zodiac signs will be the luckiest they’ve been in years. They may have the chance to start fresh, with no obstacles in their path.

Opportunities for acquiring new possessions such as houses, cars, or even starting a new business could arise. They’re likely to meet new benefactors and beautiful faces, while those with ill intentions will exit their lives, marking the end of bad karma.

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As for the lucky numbers for all 12 zodiac signs throughout the year 2024, the number 9 is considered auspicious as we enter era 9. The second most auspicious number is 8, representing infinity and bringing good luck. For the first half of the year, the lucky numbers for each month are as follows:

– January: Lucky number is 3, with standout numbers being 35-38
– February: The lucky number is 6, with auspicious pairings such as 68 – 89
– March: The number 5 brings luck in terms of wealth and work, with powerful combinations being 85 – 69
– April: The lucky number is 1, signifying the start of the Thai New Year. The number combinations 12 – 56 are considered to bring luck
– May: The number 4 is said to bring success quickly, with 45-46 being the lucky combinations
– June: The lucky number is 5, with the combinations 59 – 16 being regarded as fortunate

On the entertainment scene, White predicts that an individual whose name begins with A is likely to get married this year. This person could be from the Leo or Cancer zodiac signs. However, another person with a name starting with A may face issues with their partner, with the potential for a broken relationship. These predictions highlight the diverse fortunes of the year, with one person experiencing joy in marriage and another facing relationship struggles, reported KhaoSod.

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