Insurance company Allianz Ayudhya investigates alleged misuse of student’s homework for telemarketing

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Insurance company Allianz Ayudhya is investigating the alleged misuse of students’ homework for telemarketing purposes.

The company was alerted to the issue when a parent from a prominent school in Khon Kaen province complained about receiving an unsolicited call from an insurance agent attempting to sell insurance and savings plans for his daughter. The agent claimed to have obtained the parent’s contact details from his daughter’s homework assignment, causing concern over data privacy.

Amnaj (surname withheld), the parent who raised the complaint, expressed his unease over how a student’s and parent’s personal information could be shared with an insurance company. The school’s director, Prachuap Siripak, clarified that a man and two women, smartly dressed, had been granted permission by the school administration to conduct a money-saving activity on November 6 and 10. However, they deceived the school, leading to this incident for which he apologised to all parents affected.

Today, Soroyut Sutasanajinda, a famous TV presenter, revealed on his Facebook page and morning show that the individuals involved were representatives contracted with Allianz Ayudhya Life Insurance. He shared a document from the company regarding the incident. The document stated that the company was aware of the alleged misuse of personal data from a colouring homework assignment of a kindergarten student in Khon Kaen for insurance sales.

The company, as a life insurance provider, immediately ordered an investigation. The individuals involved were found to be representatives contracted with the company. The company is now thoroughly verifying the facts. If the investigation confirms any inappropriate behaviour or sales tactics contradicting the company’s ethical guidelines and regulations, severe penalties will be imposed, reported KhaoSod.

The company apologised for the incident and affirmed that it does not have a policy of obtaining prospective customers’ information through such methods.

In related news, a jobless Chinese man yesterday made a startling insurance scam confession of staging 20 accidents over two years, duping nearly 300,000 baht in compensation.

According to The Paper, police from a Public Security Bureau traffic unit, upon investigating the scammer’s accident claims, uncovered a suspicious pattern. Read more about this story HERE.

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