9 year old Thai boy accused of sexually assaulting dog

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A Thai grandfather is seeking justice for his nine year old grandson after his school teacher in the Chamni district of the Isaan province of Buriram accused the boy of sexually assaulting a dog. As a consequence, the boy has been banned from attending school.

The 58 year old grandfather, named Lhong, asked Channel 3 to spread the story of the boy to help him seek justice. Lhong explained that the teacher named Suay notified him that his grandson sexually assaulted a stray dog at school. The boy’s grandfather does not believe it.

Lhong went on to explain that the boy attended school, as usual, yesterday, January 15, but the teacher refused to admit him. The teacher asked his grandfather to transfer his grandson to another school for the protection of female students.

Lhong stated that the boy did not attack the dog, as the teacher claimed. He had looked after the boy since his birth, following the divorce of his Thai mother and Lao father. He shared a strong bond with his grandson and engaged in numerous activities together, asserting that he had never observed any unusual or perverted circumstances.

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The boy reported to Channel 3 that the teacher asked him what he had done with the dog, and he insisted he did not do anything to it. The teacher then beat him, so he had to admit to the crime to stop the punishment. After he admitted it, the teacher banned him from going to school.

Teacher Suay revealed to the media that one of the boy’s classmates reported the sexual assault to her, adding that the stray dog was molested in a bathroom. She reported the matter to the school director and invited the boy’s grandmother to the school to inform him of the problem.

Teacher’s clarification

According to teacher Suay, the boy admitted to the accusation in front of his grandmother. The teacher said she had never banned the boy from school but urged him to see the doctor for a further diagnosis of his mental health. The teacher insisted that she did not mean to bully the boy and was concerned for his welfare.

The conclusion of the case was not mentioned in the report. The school did not report whether there would be a further investigation into the allegation.

Another alleged animal abuse case was reported in Burriram on January 13 when a pig farm owner witnessed a man raping her pregnant pig in the middle of the night. The man was reportedly naked and immediately fled the scene when the pig farm owner chased him. His identity remains unknown, leaving locals in the area living in fear.

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