74 year old Thai man kills his brother-in-law over 35 year long dispute

A 74 year old Thai man shot and killed his 74 year old brother-in-law in a community in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok after a long dispute over a house payment 35 years ago.

Officers at Rattanatibeth Police Station were notified of the 74 year old man’s death at 3.30pm yesterday, November 22. The victim, Uthai Wanlarat, was found lifeless in front of his house. He had a gunshot wound in his chest. A shotgun was found next to his body.

The gunman, 74 year old Sompong Chumpongphan, was Uthai’s brother-in-law. They had lived next door to each other for over 35 years.

Uthai’s wife, 71 year old Phatjeera Jarupongsakun, recounted the incident before the shooting to police and the media. She explained that Sompong painted his house fence and had also painted some parts of the wall of her house. She told Sompong to stop painting beyond his own fence. This made Sompong angry and he slapped her face.

Phatjeera stated that she brought the matter to the attention of her husband, Uthai, who immediately left his restaurant to investigate the incident. Phatjeera said her husband confronted Sompong, saying, “Are you the mafia?”

Sompong did not answer the question but went for his gun and shot Uthai.

Uthai’s 49 year old daughter, Watsamon Siriwachirowat, said she was standing next to her father when the shooting took place. Her left arm was injured in the aftermath of the shooting. Watsamon added that Sompong not only attacked her mother but also threatened and tried to kick her.

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Long dispute

Sompong admitted to killing Uthai and claimed that the dispute between him and his neighbour had gone on for 35 years. Sompong said Uthai hired him to build a house but did not pay him. He gave Uthai a discount from 400,000 to 250,000 baht but Uthai still refused to pay.

Sompong insisted that he had not encroached on Uthai’s house and dared Uthai’s family to contact the relevant authorities to check the land. He said the conflict over painting the fence reminded him of the payment for the house, which made him angry.

Sompong said he was ready to go to prison for what he had done. He said he did not expect to live much longer because of his many congenital diseases, including diabetes, asthma and cancer.

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