73 year old Thai man found dead on way to lover’s home

A 73 year old Thai man died en route to his lover’s home in Samut Prakanr province near Bangkok. His family believed the death resulted from an accident, rather than any jealous motives.

A Thai woman, Kwanruethai, contacted officers at Khlong Dan Police Station on February 7 after she discovered the dead body of a 73 year old man named Phit floating in the Chonlapratarn Canal. Kwanruethai told officers that her neighbours told her that Phit’s house was nearby but she did not know him in person.

Ruam Katayu Rescue team arrived at the scene to retrieve the body. There were no visible wounds on Phit’s body. Rescuers believed the man died at least 24 hours before he was found. Officers contacted Phit’s family to confirm the man’s identity before taking his body to the hospital for an autopsy.

Phit’s wife, whose identity was not revealed, confirmed that the man was her husband. She revealed that Phit left her home on the afternoon of February 6 to visit his mistress.

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The wife said it was Phit’s routine to spend the night at his mistress’s house and return home the next morning. She did not contact Phit and was not suspicious of his disappearance, thinking he was at another home.

Phit’s granddaughter told officers that her grandfather used a raft to cross the canal to walk to his mistress’s home, adding he may have fainted or accidentally fell into the canal.

Both Phit’s wife and granddaughter insisted that the two families never had a conflict over jealousy. They believed that the death was caused by an accident but agreed to leave his body at the hospital for an autopsy.

A similar love triangle incident was reported in August last year, but the story ended differently. In this case, a Thai woman caught her husband having an affair with another woman and gave all of the money to the woman instead of their child. The wife decided to take revenge by stabbing the mistress leading to severe injury.

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