16 year old motorcycle rider attacked by 2 teenage attackers in Chiang Mai

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A 16 year old boy filed a complaint against two teenage attackers who last week assaulted him and tried to steal his motorcycle on a road in the northern province of Chiang Mai.

The mother of the victim took to social media after the two attackers remained at large even though the physical assault took place almost a week ago, Wednesday, January 17. Her post attracted the attention of several news agencies as violent behaviour among Thai teenagers has become topical following a report of five teenage murderers in the Isaan province of Sa Kaeo.

The 16 year old victim, Phat, later gave an interview to Channel 7 about the physical assault. Phat explained that the incident took place when he was riding a motorcycle from his home in the Doi Saket district to a shopping mall in Mueang Chaing Mai district at about 4.20pm.

When Phat stopped at a red light at the Mae Kao Intersection, two teenagers, who parked a motorcycle nearby approached him, immediately attacked him. Phat decided to abandon his motorcycle and ran away to save his life.

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Phat said the two tried to steal his motorcycle but were unable to start the engine. They then destroyed his motorcycle before leaving the scene. Phat stated that a CCTV camera at the intersection managed to capture the attack but the camera was too far away and could not identify the attackers.

In the CCTV camera footage, one of the teenage attackers is seen punching Phat while another attacker follows his friend and tries to pull a knife on him. Phat is seen in the CCTV footage running away from the intersection and crossing to the other side of the road and safety.

Dashcam footage

The road was crowded and many vehicles were parked at the red light at the intersection but the two attackers did not seem to care and were not afraid of being caught.

Phat told reporters that he did not know the attackers and never had any conflict with them. Phat added that he also rode his motorcycle very carefully and did not cut off anyone’s vehicle on the day.

Phat’s mother urged any motorists who were at the intersection that day to provide her with the dashcam footage to help bring the attackers to justice. The Superintendent of San Sai Police Station, Amphan Sirima, assured that officers are now doing their best to identify the attackers.

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