10 teenage boys allegedly gang rape 13 year old girl in Sukhothai

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Ten teenage boys allegedly gang raped a 13 year old girl in a rice field hut in the northern province of Sukhothai. Five of the gang surrendered to police and confessed to the crime.

A 56 year old woman, Naphatcha, filed a complaint with Ban Dan Lan Hoi Police Station after a group of boys sexually assaulted her 13 year old granddaughter on March 14. Fearing injustice, Naphatcha urged social media influencer Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet to follow up on the police investigation.

Naphatcha later told Channel 3 that her granddaughter’s friends found her lying on the road after the rape. She had scratches and bruises all over her body, and her vagina was also damaged. The girl’s friends took the teenager home, and Naphatcha later sent her to hospital.

The victim told Naphatcha that she engaged in an argument with an older female friend at school. The friend said she wanted to apologise her for the altercation and asked her to meet at the hut in the rice field.

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However, this friend did not extend any apology but lured her into a sexual assault by more than 10 boys. The girl said the rapists took her on a motorcycle and left her on the road after the assault.

Gun went to Sukhothai yesterday, March 18, to follow up on the case at Ban Dan Lan Hoi Police Station because all the accused boys were still living their lives like nothing had happened and officers had summoned no one.

Rapist proposes

Channel 3 reported that one of the rapists proposed to the victim, urging her to marry him if she dropped all the charges.

“Can I marry you? Let’s talk to your mother about it. I don’t want this case to become more serious. You can ask for any amount of dowry. We can agree on that.”

The Superintendent of the Ban Dan Lan Hoi Police Station, Pornthep Rungruengsate, informed Gun and several news agencies that the police have not overlooked the case, adding they have successfully identified 10 teenage suspects involved in the gang rape.

Pornthep stated that five out of ten surrendered to the police including 18 year old Jirawat, 17 year old Worraphon, 17 year old Sarawut, 16 year old Suppakit, and 15 year old Nattawat.

According to Pornthep, the other five suspects claimed they did not participate in the gang rape but admitted to being at the scene. Pornthep said that police were now investigating and questioning each suspect in order to charge them according to their actions.

The police made no mention of the teenage girl who lured the victim into meeting the criminal gang.

More victims reported

Medical workers and a psychologist at Sukhothai Hospital were looking after the victim and her family members. The victim’s physical injuries improved but her mental health would be evacuated later.

Gun told PPTV HD that another girl, 14 year old, approached him on social media and revealed that she also fell victim to this criminal gang.

The girl told Gun that she was afraid to tell anyone about the sexual assault. She was afraid that her mother would be heartbroken if she found out and that the gang would attack her.

Gun further stated that upon investigation, he discovered two additional victims. The initial two incidents occurred approximately two to three years ago, while the latter two occurred this year.

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