Krabi officials catch stray dog on Ao Nang beach after attack on tourist

Stray dog caught on Ao Nang Beach, photo by Krabi PR Facebook page.


Krabi officials caught a stray dog on Ao Nang Beach on Tuesday, following a vicious dog attack on a tourist on March 11. The tourist, 60 year old Thai national Daniel Sudjai Kutrakun, had been walking on Ao Nang Beach when a stray dog ran over to him and bit his left leg. Daniel’s medical expenses cost over 20,000 baht.

Krabi’s public relations office said in a Facebook post that officials from the Krabi Live Stock Office and the Ao Nang Administrative Organisation inspected the beach on Tuesday. The officials found only one stray dog on the beach and shot it with an anaesthetic dart. They also gave the dog food mixed with anaesthesia.

The officials implanted a microchip on the dog in order to keep track of it. The dog is now being kept at the Ao Nang Administrative Office.

Officials are now surveying the foothills of the Krabi Resort to plan for the next time they will catch stray dogs.

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A beach holiday went completely wrong for one tourist after a dog viciously attacked him in Krabi on Saturday. The tourist, 60 year old Thai national Daniel Sudjai Kutrakun, had been walking on Ao Nang Beach with his American wife to have a look at the area where his daughter plans to get married in three months. The two were looking to see what activities wedding guests could do during their stay.

Suddenly, Daniel and his wife saw a pack of about five stray dogs. One of the dogs ran over to Daniel and bit his left leg.

Daniel’s medical expenses to treat his wound ended up costing him over 20,000 baht, MGR Online reported. The incident happened on Ao Nang Beach Moo 2.

Daniel said that his daughter loves the Krabi sea, and she had selected a hotel in the Ao Nang area. He added that he and his wife visit Ao Nang Beach every year.

But after his encounter with the vicious dog, Daniel said he was no longer sure his daughter should hold her wedding ceremony there. Daniel said he didn’t know if he could tell his friends that they would be safe there.

Daniel said he hopes that relevant authorities will take action to solve the issue of stray dogs on the beach and help prevent other tourists from being attacked.

In past years, there have been several reports of dogs attacking tourists on Ao Nang Beach, mostly children who are seven to 12 years old.

Across Thailand, several dog attacks have been reported in recent years.

Last month, a former jockey from Nakhon Ratchasima province in northeast Thailand was killed by his pet Pit Bull while trying to save his mother who was attacked by the animal. The man weighed 95 kilograms but was still no match for the Pit Bull’s strength.

On January 17, four Pit Bull mixed breed dogs attacked a 76 year old lady in Nakhon Phanom province leaving her seriously injured and in need of hospital treatment.

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