Beware: Dangerous jellyfish. Just don’t tell the Chinese.

Dozens of signs have been erected, in multiple languages on Cha-Am beach in Petchaburi, warning swimmers about potentially dangerous jellyfish and ‘stingers’.

Manager Online reports that, despite Chinese being frequent visitors to the area, someone forgot to include the warnings in Chinese language.

The sign contained Thai and English, Japanese and Korean. But no Chinese.

Three large signs and some other smaller reminder signs are posted every 50 metres along a five kilometre stretch of th Cha-Am beaches, warning about Bluebottle jellyfish (Portuguese man o’ war).

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The signage was erected after a survey was carried out and also includes advice on first aid in the event of stings. If you are stung by a Portuguese man o’ war, here’s the best remedy. It’s unlikely to be fatal but it could result in a nasty sting.

Beware: Dangerous jellyfish. Just don't tell the Chinese. | News by Thaiger

SOURCE: Manager Online

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