Missing teenager found dead after 20 hour search

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

The mysterious case of a missing teenage girl has been solved in the eastern province of Rayong. Her body was discovered on Saeng Chan Beach, more than 20 hours after she was reported missing. The missing teenager was found near the spot where she disappeared yesterday.

The search operation for the missing teenager was led by Sahatsanai Chaiyapalakorn, a patrol officer at the Rayong Municipal Police Station. The investigation was initiated after a 55 year old fisherman, Suphat, reported seeing the young woman disappearing into the sea near Saeng Chan Beach.

Despite an extensive search operation lasting over 20 hours, the authorities were unable to locate the missing girl and had no information about her identity or where she had come from.

The teenager’s body was eventually discovered at 9.30pm yesterday. The police, along with a doctor from Rayong Hospital and members of the Saeng Prakuson rescue team, found a group of people standing near the beach.

The body of the missing teenager was discovered by Manoch, a 71 year old resident who was out for a walk. He spotted a body lying on the beach and immediately reported it to the authorities. Upon inspection, they found the body of a girl wearing a white shirt, matching the description of the missing teenager.

Initial examination of the body revealed bruises on her face, possibly from hitting rocks or the dam’s ridge. The girl had been dead for at least 12 hours. No evidence was found on her body that could help identify who she was or where she was from.

The police believe that the body found is likely to be the same girl who went missing the previous night. They are still unsure of her identity.

Her body was then taken to Rayong Hospital for further examination, reported KhaoSod. Authorities are asking anyone who suspects they may know her to contact Rayong Hospital.

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