Chon Buri resident’s lucky escape from giant lizard lurking in toilet

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In a surprising experience, a resident of the Bang Nang community in Chon Buri’s Phan Thong district encountered an outsized lizard in his toilet. He was fortunate enough to evade a potential bite after doing his business as usual and alerted others of the lurking danger with detailed posts on social media.

Late at night, when Tiwa Kheawsom was using his bathroom, he noticed an eerie image after flushing the toilet. Much to his amazement, it was the head of a giant lizard lodged in the toilet. Despite his repeated attempts at flushing, the lizard refused to retire into the drainage system.

Taking matters into his own hands, Tiwa used a bathroom cleaner and closed the toilet lid for a while. His effort bore fruit as the lizard eventually capitulated and slithered down the drain, disappearing altogether. Tiwa decided to regard the lizard’s presence in his bathroom as an omen of good fortune, provided he remained unattacked by the giant lizard, reported Sanook.

Despite being rattled by the sight, his quick wits ensured safety and he stated…

“No matter how much I flushed, it would not budge so I had to resort to using bathroom cleaner and keeping the lid closed for a while. Fortunately, the lizard relented and retreated into the drain, disappearing completely. I consider myself fortunate for not being bitten, this must surely be a sign of good luck.”

Last month, one stunned couple discovered a 3-metre python taking a nap in their toilet in Nonthaburi, Thailand. The slippery snake was successfully captured after a 20-minute struggle.

Last year, a ginormous Asian water monitor lizard was chased up a communication pole by a pack of dogs at a village in Sara Buri province, central Thailand. To read more click HERE.

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