Spa-demic resilience: Thailand’s wellness sector unaffected by global downturn says MSpa

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Minor Hotels’ spa and wellness arm, MSpa International, declared that the current global economic downturn and geopolitical conflicts will not impact high-spending guests in Thailand’s wellness sector. The company’s group director, Sandie Johannessen, stated emphatically that the nation’s wellness centres continue to attract enthusiastic visitors for leisure trips and retreats, despite the global situation.

Johannessen also pointed towards the affluent local clientele in Bangkok and other regions of the country, who have the economic power to support the sector’s growth. She reflected on the resilience of Thailand’s tourism industry, which has persistently rebounded from past crises and challenges.

MSpa International, under Johannessen’s guidance, has noted robust performance from Minor’s hotels and spas both domestically and internationally this year. She highlighted the significance of the wellness and medical tourism industry, now valued at a trillion dollars, where Thailand is a leading player in Asia.

MSpa International boasts over 70 global spa locations. Of its 40 Asian branches, over half are based in Thailand, while the remaining 30 are spread across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Johannessen reported that the highest-earning spa locations within Thailand are in Phuket and Samui, mainly driven by international guests, reported Bangkok Post.

Despite the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Johannessen expects only a temporary minor slowdown in the Middle Eastern market. She cited a stable guest count from countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. She ascribed this to Thailand’s reputation as a safe, preferred destination, offering wellness and medical treatments at a more affordable rate than those in the Middle East or Europe.

Johannessen confirmed that MSpa is well-equipped with skilled therapists across all its locations to meet high-season demands. Premjit Phothiwaraparn, the regional director of spa and wellness at MSpa International, further revealed plans to expand spa businesses in collaboration with Minor’s hotels, all equipped with Anantara spas.

Continuing their expansion, MSpa recently launched a Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie Bangkok at The St. Regis Bangkok. This Swiss-based franchise is expected to draw half of its guests from the local market, while a quarter will likely come from Asia.

Membership holders can avail of services at Clinique La Prairie venues in Switzerland and other countries. The company also plans to offer exclusive services next year, with doctors and experts from Switzerland visiting the facility.

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