Thailand Post to launch digital mailbox service Prompt Post in Q3

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Thailand Post is set to launch Prompt Post, a digital mailbox service, by the third quarter of this year. The move is aimed at capitalising on the growing trend of electronic document handling and supporting the company’s Post Digital mission.

Thailand Post‘s chief executive, Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, explained that the company has been actively developing its business to offer comprehensive postal and logistics services. Prompt Post is a digital mailbox platform designed to provide convenience for its customers.

The digital mailbox system ensures security through identity verification using an ID card system, which is confirmed by the Department of Provincial Administration. Once the identity is successfully verified, customers can access the Prompt Post service.

The process of receiving and sending documents via Prompt Post is similar to sending regular letters, with the main difference being the electronic format. Senders of business-related registered letters must provide an electronic signature to guarantee authenticity and prevent forgery. These electronic documents can be used as evidence in court.

Dhanant highlighted that the main difference between a digital mailbox and an email is that emails can receive spam messages or messages from unknown senders. At the same time, Prompt Post is a closed platform. Therefore, senders must register first to verify their identity through a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

Thailand Post is currently discussing with several government agencies to develop a Prompt Post pilot project. The company is the sole authorised agency under the Postal Act with full authority to operate certified digital mail and documents in the country.

In addition to the digital mailbox service, Thailand Post has invested in IT infrastructure to become an intelligent logistics operator. Last year, the company invested around US$64 million in such development.

The transformation of traditional mail to a digital mailbox platform will help prepare Thailand Post’s postmen for further integration into the e-commerce ecosystem. Dhanant said…

“Our 18,000 postmen could help introduce products to people in the community, receive orders and deliver the products as required in the retail business.”

Currently, transport and logistics account for 47.6% of Thailand Post’s total revenue, followed by the postal group at 31.2%, the international service group at 15.9%, the financial business group at 1.78%, the retail business group at 2.78%, and other business at 0.66%.

Thailand Post is leveraging its entire database to tap into the retail sector. Its retail business generated US$16 million last year, up from US$9.6 million in 2021. The retail business provides stalls for merchants through which they can sell and deliver their products, reported Bangkok Post.

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